Threatening Reflections - Mosquito Larvae In The Birdbath C20

Threatening Reflections - Mosquito Larvae In The Birdbath C20


New side project of Climax Denial.

Humid swamp drone. Harmonium mating rituals. Sticky midnight lullaby. Boozy deep woods dada.

Symphony for a pesticide.


"Resonating harmonium droning over chimes and twigs snapping. Sounds of frogs and insects at night near a marsh while bellows tuned to wetland breath morph from melodic to dissonant. Croaking deep tones creaking, sounds of the earth gaping with a squish. Crop circle electronics oscillating in the distance and more field sounds rustle and peel. Can’t tell if part at the end of A side is a muffled voice singing or a pitched theremin but it’s a nice touch. Tape layout of seasonal detritus, and my favorite aspect is the foggy shell and case. I know feel of soaking wet Wisconsin air as something dances below the surface of standing water.
For 10+ years Alex has been a master of atmosphere and meditative soundscapes and this new project is a great embrace to the sounds of WI backwoods lust and ritual while still holding an edge of modernity in fried machines and unease. Recommended for something relaxing and rustic for an evening of penetration."

(Review by Gutter Bloat)

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